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Welcome to ECOROLL

ECOROLL AG Werkzeugtechnik is the leading supplier of tools and machines for mechanically improving the surfaces of metal components. In close cooperation with our customers, demand-oriented tools and machines for burnishing and deep rolling as well as processing cylinders are designed, manufactured and marketed throughout the world.

ECOROLL AG | Hans-Heinrich-Warnke-Str. 8 | D-29227 Celle | Tel: +49 5141 9865 0 | Fax: +49 5141 881 440 | mail@remove-this.ecoroll.com

ECOROLL Corporation Tool Technology | 502 Techne Center Drive | Suite C | Milford, OH 45150 | USA | 
Tel: +1 513 248 4700 | Fax: +1 513 248 4265 | mail@remove-this.ecoroll.com

Hot Topics

  • Burnishing is the most economical manufacturing process for producing top-quality finishes on component surfaces. >

  • Deep Rolling is the most effective method of significantly increasing the life of a component by mechanical treatment of the surface. >

  • Skiving/roller burnishing is a combined manufacturing process to produce hydraulic cylinders and cylinder tubes. >

Products & Applications


10/08/2015 ECOROLL MechKon App - Product configurator and calculator

ECOROLL's freeware app combines several useful tools for engineers,...

04/28/2015 VDI Conference "Precision and Deep Boring Update 2015"

Conference talk by A. Ostertag (ECOROLL AG): "Rationalize cylinder...

10/16/2014 Internal Machining of Hydraulic Cylinders with High Pressure Cooling Lubricants

New ECOROLL Process for Complete Machining of Hydraulic Cylinders