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Camshafts are dynamically stressed components. Deep rolling or roller burnishing at two different points can provide improvements. On the one hand there are often flanges which form the connection to the propulsion by the engine. Particularly where lightweight camshafts, which consist of a tube with cams inserted, are concerned, such areas can be critical as with respect to their strength. Furthermore depending on type of valve gear, the cam itself is subject to sliding or rolling stresses. In the case of sliding stresses friction can be significantly reduced by roller burnishing. During testing friction could be reduced by 20%. Furthermore, the hardness of the surface was increased by 6%. An increase in service life of surfaces subjected to rolling stresses is also possible. Here, burnishing in particular results in an improvement. the tracking system made it possible to machine cams on conventional lathes. the lift is compensated by the tracking system whereby the pressure remains constant.