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Breaking New Grounds in Cylinder Tube Processing

Complete machining of short hydraulic cylinders on CNC-lathes or machining centers.


Fig. 1: OMEGA Skiving Tool SKOC

Fig. 2: Roller Burnishing Tool GZ with Internal Cooling Lubricant Supply

Latest ECOROLL tools replace two-step production process for short hydraulic cylinders and allow complete machining on CNC-lathes or machining centers.

To date, manufacturing of short hydraulic cylinders with a length to diameter ratio of L/Ø  ≤ 10 is performed in two steps:
1. Internal machining of cylinders on deep hole drilling machines.
2. Machining of cylinder ends on a lathe.

State-of-the-art ECOROLL tools now allow complete machining on the lathe. Cylinders are internally skived and roller burnished in one setting before or after machining the cylinder ends.

As a result, this new process ensures that side-times are significantly reduced and transportation of components to a deep hole drilling machine is no longer necessary. In addition, tool change on CNC-lathes and machining centers is much quicker than on deep hole drilling machines, so there is no need for combined tools.

Since a deep hole drilling machine is no longer needed, high investment costs for a deep hole drilling machine can be eliminated, which enables small- and middle batch manufacturers to efficiently produce cylinder liners or complete cylinders.

How it works: First, the cylinder is usually machined by a skiving head (Fig. 1). After an automatic tool change, it is roller burnished with a separate tool (Fig. 2). In order to ensure safe chip removal and a clean surface, both tools are equipped with internal cooling lubricant supply. Cooling lubricants are ejected with high-speed through nozzles into the chip chamber to enable chip removal in feed direction. Possible chips or metal parts as remains of skiving are washed out before roller burnishing. Since skiving knives are controlled by the cooling lubricant pressure, no separate control system is required.



07/10/2012 13:55
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