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ECOROLL MechKon App - Product configurator and calculator

ECOROLL's freeware app combines several useful tools for engineers, technicians, designers, machine operators and decision-makers.






Product configurator

 - Find the ideal tool for your workpiece

 - Keep yourself up to date on ECOROLL AG's tools and technology




Roughness: module for approximate calculation of roughness values

Hardness: module for approximate calculation of hardness values

Cutting data: module for calculation of parameters during turning, milling and rolling

Tolerances: determination of tolerance ranges of shafts and bores

Cut-off length: selection of cut-off length for determining the configuration of surface measuring devices DIN EN ISO 4288

Unit calculator: torque, pressure, energy, area, speed, force, length, mass, temperature, volume






10/08/2015 12:01
Category: General