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Efficient deep rolling of groove flanks of dynamically stressed components

Deep rolling tool HFE


Fig. 1: Deep rolling tool HFE

Fig. 2: Processing a aotationally symmetrical component

Fig. 3: Processing a flat component

ECOROLL has developed a new hydraulically pressurized deep rolling tool with a mechanically mounted roll enabling efficient and economic deep rolling of groove flanks of dynamically stressed components.


A significant increase of load cycles without failure up to the realm of fatigue strength can be achieved by deep rolling. It is the only process to increase fatigue strength combining three physical effects:

1. the generation of compressive stresses in the rim zone with great penetration
2. increase of material strength by cold work and
3. smoothing a component’s surface and thus removing micro notches.


ECOROLL's deep rolling tool HFE is designed for use with CNC-controlled lathes.  All plastically shapeable metals up to a breaking strength of 1400 N/mm² or a yield point of 1200 N/mm² are capable being deep rolled. This tool can be applied with operation pressure up to 400 bar and provides maximum rolling forces of 3100 N.

Groove flanks of rotationally symmetrical components (Fig. 1) are processed by feed motion method with up to 150 m/min. The contour of flat components (Fig. 2) is processed by line feed and a machine-specific maximum velocity of 5 - 8 m/min.


04/19/2013 08:31
Category: Products