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For all external and internal surfaces of rotational symmetry with straight limits


The new ECOROLL roller burnishing tool EGI5-32-AI is an advanced development of the successful tool type EGI5-32. In contrast to the EGI5-32, which is only suitable for internal machining, the rollers in the new tool type EGI5-32-AI are positioned opposite each other in the burnishing head, which allows both internal and external surfaces to be processed and eliminates the need to change tools. The EGI5-32-AI is based on the well-known principle used in mechanical single roller burnishing tools: the machine supplies the rolling force required for processing, which is transferred from the machine to the tool shank, then to the leaf springs and on to the roller head. The spring arrangement has a progressive characteristic curve and functions with no play or friction to compensate for most workpiece tolerances and machine positioning errors while maintaining a virtually constant rolling force.

The EGI5-AI-32 is suitable for use on conventional or CNC machines to process any metal workpiece up to a tensile strength of 1400/mm² and maximum hardness of HRC ≤ 42. Depending on the basic raw material and pre-machining processes, the EGI5-32-AI can achieve surface qualities of Rz < 1 μm (Ra ≤ 0.2 μm).

Cylindrical internal surfaces starting from Ø 32 mm, in standard with a maximum processing length of 80 mm can be machined. Rolling forces up to 3000 N are possible with a maximum circumferential speed of 150 m/min and a maximum feed of 0.3 mm/rev. Due to its compact design, the EGI5-32-AI can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Other impressive features include its low cost, short processing cycles and the elimination of time-consuming changeovers and other auxiliary tasks.


07/04/2014 15:08
Category: Products