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Skiving on Lathes

New ECOROLL Process for Complete Machining of Cylinder Liners.


Fig. 1: OMEGA-Skiving Tool Type SKOC

Fig. 2: Roller Burnishing Tool Type GZ with inner cooling

At the EMO 2011, ECOROLL AG Werkzeugtechnik presents a novel process to increase the efficiency of machining short hydraulic cylinders with a length to diameter ratio of L/Ø = 5. To date, the manufacturing of cylinders is performed in two steps:

1. Internal machining of cylinders on deep hole drilling machines.
2. Machining of cylinder ends on a lathe.

Latest ECOROLL skiving tools now allow complete machining on the lathe. In fact, the cylinders are premachined by a skiving head (Fig. 1), and after an automatic tool change the work piece is then finish machined by a separate roller burnishing tool (Fig. 2). In order to ensure sufficient chip removal and clean surface, both tools are equipped with an internal cooling lubricant supply.

As a result, side-times are significantly reduced, and machining on a deep hole drilling machine is no longer necessary. Therefore, high investment costs for a deep hole drilling machine can be eliminated, which enables small- and middle batch manufacturers to efficiently produce cylinder liners or complete cylinders.



10/05/2011 14:53
Category: Products