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Research Projects

The Research & Development Department makes a crucial contribution towards securing and expanding our leading position in the market in the field of roller burnishing and deep rolling, as well as cylinder liner machining. For this reason we are participating in numerous international research projects which are being conducted with different research establishments and other companies throughout Germany and Europe.

For a brief overview of our projects, please see below:

Plan PP – Development of a planning tool for functional design and production of product characteristics for hard-fine machining processes

The main objective of Plan PP is to develop a software-based methodology for functional process planning in hard-fine machining in order to more comprehensively describe the functional behavior of components.

The correlation of functional behavior and relevant surface parameters is analyzed by defining new parameters and parameter systems for describing characteristics of component surfaces. On this basis, it is examined which process settings and to what extent of predictability certain parameter characteristics can be achieved by the production process.


ProFest - Optimized process design for deep rolling through prediction of surface layer conditions

Within this project an innovative process for predicting residual compressive stresses, cold work and surface roughness is developed. It is based upon the theory of similarity and dimensional analysis and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.



Further projects are in preparation.


ECOROLL AG is very much interested in participating in research and development projects when related to such topics as surface treatment and enhancement. Please contact Sirko Fricke for research and development (i.e. publicly funded projects) or Stefan Zenk for customer projects and application development.