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Product Selection

Multi-roller Tools

Tool types G, R and RA machine cylindrical through and blind bores, stepped bores and cylindrical external surfaces including similar non-cylindrical surfaces. RP, RK, RKA and RKAK tools are designed for plane surfaces, cones and spherical surfaces. RH/RHA tools deep roll fillets and chamfers. FA tools deep roll large thread root radii.

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Hydrostatic Tools

The tools HGx-1, -2, -4, -11 machine bores, complex inner contours and fillets. Depending on the pressure supply, tools types HGx-5, -7 (integrated) and HGx-9, -10, -19 (external) machine rotationally symmetrical contours. HGx-20 and -29 are intended for narrow cylinders and thin-walled components. As accessories, ECOROLL offers hydraulic units, rotary units for the connection of turret machines.

Note: Tools are listed as HGx-y, where x indicates the ball size and y the design version (e.g. HG6-2 holds a ball with ∅ 6 mm and is designed for machining cylindrical bores).

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Deep Rolling Tools

Deep rolling tools machine internal and external concave fillets (EF, FAK, RH, RHA) as well as thread root radii (EF, FA), and are used in particular for highly stressed components.

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Processing Cylinders

ECOROLL's OMEGA system combines skiving and roller burnishing for machining hydraulic cylinders and cylinder liners. Thanks to its modular design, customized tools can be configured based on pipe quality and machining length. Sometimes for various reasons, tubes have to be skived and burnished separately or both processes have to be carried out one after the other. Therefore, all SK skiving heads can be delivered also as separate tools or in combination with GZ roller burnishing tools. For machining short hydraulic cylinders with a length to diameter ratio of L/Ø ≤ 15 ECOROLL's SKIOC and GZ tools can be applied directly on the lathe in one setting.

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Process Monitoring

Depending on tool type different parameters can be measured and monitored. For mechanical deep rolling tools of the EF and FAK series the actual deep rolling force is the key parameter. When using hydrostatic deep rolling tools of the HG-series, operating pressure and flow rate are monitored and recorded. 

ECOsense technology monitors and documents the process rolling force with an adapted sensor technology. On the tool individual processes are detected and recorded autonomously. The force values are transmitted and copied in real time to a smart phone application via wireless connection. The critical rolling force is thus recorded for each processed workpiece.

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