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Hydrostatic Tools HG2 – HG25

Hydrostatic tools of the ECOROLL HG range are able to roller burnish, deep roll and roller compress the most complex contours and free-form surfaces.

for example, using these tools, piston valves, valves and ball pins are able to be machined.

  • Can be used on CNC turning, drilling, milling machines and machining centers, or on conventional machine tools
  • Machining of all metallic materials up to a hardness of 65 HRC
  • Reduction of machining costs since many subsequent processes such as polishing or lapping are dispensed with

The heart of the HG tools is a special ball of hard material which is hydrostatically mounted in a ball holder. The ball is pressed with a defined rolling pressure against the surface of the work piece by the pressure medium in order to shape it there. The process induces residual compressive stresses into the boundary zone, increases the strength of the material and at the same time smooths the surface.

HGx1, HGx2, HGx4, HGx11 | HGx5, HGx6 | HGx7, HGx20, HGx23, HGx29 | HGx9, HGx10, HGx19 | HG mit FR-Rolle | DD | HGP

Note: Tools are listed as HGx-y, where x indicates the ball size and y the design version (e.g. HG6-2 holds a ball with ∅ 6 mm and is designed for machining cylindrical bores).