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Multi-roller Tools

Tool types G, R, RA, RP, RK, RKA, RKAK, RH/RHA and FA

ECOROLL multi-roller tools are usually used for roller burnishing. Types G, R and RA machine cylindrical through and blind bores, stepped bores and cylindrical external surfaces including similar non-cylindrical surfaces. . RP, RK, RKA and RKAK tools are designed for plane surfaces, cones and spherical surfaces.  

RH/RHA tools deep roll fillets and chamfers. FA tools deep roll large thread root radii.

All ECOROLL multi-roller tools can be used on CNC turning, drilling or milling machines and machining centers or on conventional machine tools. They can be characterised by reliable functioning and high precision. Adjustment of diameters is very convenient, and only nominal lubrication is required. Futhermore, replacement of wear parts is very simple. This uncomplicated maintenance and short primary processing times enable significant time savings.

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