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Processing cylinders

OMEGA System (RDO, RIO) and tool types SK, GZ for internal machining of hydraulic cylinders and cylinder liners

ECOROLL's OMEGA system combines skiving and roller burnishing for machining hydraulic cylinders and cylinder liners. While the OMEGA skiving head cuts the cylinder's inner surface to the exact size and form required, the roller head burnishes it. The simultaneous skiving and burnishing process has almost completely replaced honing as the alternative machining process, since it is much more economic and faster. Thanks to its modular design, customized tools can be configured based on pipe quality and machining length. 

Sometimes for various reasons, tubes have to be skived and burnished separately or both processes have to be carried out one after the other. Therefore, all SK skiving heads can be delivered also as separate tools. SK skiving heads are then used in conjunction with GZ roller burnishing tools. In the first pass the SK skiving head peels the cylinder, and in the second pass the GZ tool burnishes it smooth. For cylinders with blind holes or steps, special blind hole skiving heads are available.

For machining short hydraulic cylinders with a length to diameter ratio of L/Ø ≤ 15 ECOROLL's SKIOC and GZ tools can be applied directly on the lathe in one setting. The cylinders are premachined by a skiving head. After an automatic tool change the work piece is then finish machined by a separate roller burnishing tool. This process usually requires two toolplaces with one boring bar.