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2-, 3- and 4-fold tools for internal machining of cylinders

The RDO and RIO tools equipped with the OMEGA peeling head machine cylinder liners. The liners can be pre-drilled, drilled, skived and roller burnished in a single pass as required. In addition, these tools effect correction of circularity defects in the liner and as a result twist is significantly reduced or even eliminated.

  • 2-fold tools for combined skiving and burnishing (RDO, RIO), 3-fold tools (RIOA) for combined drilling, skiving and burnishing, 4-fold tools (RIOA quattro) for combined pre-drilling, drilling, skiving and burnishing.
  • Tubes with radial circle irregularities up to 0.5 mm (.02”) are skived in one operation. The remaining circle irregularity is reduced to 0.01 mm (.004”). The wavyness existing in longitudinal direction is reduced simultaneously.
  • Diameter tolerances IT8 or IT9; surface roughness Ra = 0,05 - 0,4 (Rz = 0,5 - 2) micron attainable.
  • For applications without twist problems: Economy version with 2 skivers
  • For applications with twist problems; diameter range 60-400 mm: Version with 2 or 3 skivers
  • For applications with severe twist problems; diameter range 205-400 mm: Version with 6 skivers
  • The radial floating cutters center themselves in such a manner that both cutting edges remove almost identical thicknesses of chip.
  • Based on the tool control system (RETRAC- or international system) tool types RDO or RIO can be selected (for further information see tab "Tool control systems").