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Single-roller Tools

Tool types EG3, EG5, EG14, EG45, EG90, EF and FAK

ECOROLL single-roller tools are usually used for roller burnishing. They machine a wide range of complex contours and surfaces such as concave fillets and grooves as well as cylindrical and conical outer surfaces and bores. 

These tools comprise series EG, EF and FAK. EG tools are divided into tool families EG5, EG14, EG45 and EG90. They burnish cylindrical outer surfaces and bores, conical bores, plane surfaces and fillets. For deep rolling of fillets and thread root radii EF, FAK and FA tools are used. 

Single-roller tools consist of a tool body equipped with a tool shank, a spring assembly that allows the roller head to move with no play and very low friction. The standard version contains a dial indicator for indirect indication of the spring force. As an option, the tools can be equipped with ECOsense process monitoring for external display of the spring force. The roller head is attached to the flexible, spring-loaded section of the tool body.

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