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EG90: Flat surfaces and cylindrical as well as conical outer surfaces


  • Machining of all symmetrically rotating, straight surfaces such as cylinders, external tapers, plane surfaces and internal cones.
  • Attainable surface finish Rz < 1 micron.
  • Processing of all metallic materials with a maximum hardness of HRC = 45.


  • Complete processing in one setting.
  • Short primary processing time.
  • For use with either CNC-controlled or conventional lathes.
  • A special advantage is the overhung layout of the roller in feeding direction, allowing a treating of the work piece close to the shoulders of adjacent faces.

Basic construction

  • Tool consists mainly of tool body equipped with a spring assembly that allows the roller head to move with no play and very low friction.
  • Additional parts of tool body: Tension rod, tool holder, connection, leaf springs, roller head, roller holder, dial gauge.
  • The standard version contains a dial indicator for indirect indication of the spring force. As an option, the tools can be equipped with ECOsense process monitoring for external display of the spring force.
  • Special version: Position sensor.