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Research & Development


Innovations can only be achieved together
ECOROLL AG has been established as the technology and innovation leader for mechanical surface treatment for many years. This leading position is based on a corporate culture in which creativity, new ideas and suggestions for improvement from our employees are always welcome and applied. In addition, we cooperate with universities and research institutions on many different projects, combining new developments in teaching with many years of practical experience.

In order to continously develop successful products for our customers, we make sure to keep up with the latest trends and ideas at an early stage by cooperating with other stakeholders in publicly funded projects.



CO2 neutrality and Industry 4.0
Even though roller burnishing and deep rolling are well-known techologies for decades now, new developments lead to fundamental questions making further research unavoidable. The decarbonization of industry is currently driving many research projects, as is the ongoing trend towards digitization. Both fields are an integral part of our actions because we are aware of our responsibility and want to make a significant contribution to the fundamental transformation of industrial production processes.


Partnerships and development opportunities
With the ECOROLL Research Partnership Days, we have created a forum for personal dialogue with research institutes. Once a year we invite all current and potential project partners from research institutes to Celle for a couple of days. During this event, we promote an exchange between all project participants, give an insight into market trends and present the research topics we consider relevant.



In addition to the more formal parts of the programme, however, social interaction and comradery do not come up short. Having dinner together or playing the ECOROLL Challenge Cup are a vital basis for productive partnerships and are crucial for the long-term success of our collaborations.



ECOROLL AG participates in a wide variety of project set-ups, e.g. as a funded partner in larger joint ventures, as an associated partner in smaller ZIM projects, or as a consultant in a project-related committee.

If you have a project idea or are you looking for a project partner for your research proposal, feel free to contact us directly:

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Maiss
Phone: +49 5141 9865 51
Email: mail[at]ecoroll[dot]de