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Process Monitoring

ECOROLL's solutions for process monitoring ensure seamless monitoring and documentation of all relevant parameters during the deep rolling process. For mechanical deep rolling tools of the EF and FAK series the actual deep rolling force is measured and monitored. When using hydrostatic deep rolling tools of the HG-series, operating pressure and flow rate are monitored and recorded as process-relevant parameters. Deviations to predefined process parameters are instantly recognized and generate an error message. Machining can only be continued after examination and error correction which results in fewer rejects, and less rework and consequential damage.

Process monitoring offers a convincing set of advantages not only during the production process, but also during process documentation. In addition, it offers evidence to manufacturers who demand that predefined process parameters have been observed during the acquisition of safety-relevant components. This documentation can prove that parameters have been met in the case of claims for compensation.

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