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ECOROLL AG Werkzeugtechnik is the leading supplier of tools for mechanical surface treatment. With 80+ employees, ECOROLL AG develops, manufactures and sells tools for roller burnishing, deep rolling, skiving/roller burnishing and mechanical hammer peening. Our tools are used wherever there are specific requirements for surface quality or component strength. They produce surfaces with a very low level of roughness, as is known from polishing. It is a purely forming and thus a resource-saving process without any material removal. At the same time, the component's edge zone is solidified and its dynamic strength is significantly increased.



Tailor-made solutions for our customers

Together with our customers, we develop new solutions every day. With our highly-qualified employees in sales, design and application technology we develop tailor-made tools and processes for any required application of our customers.



More than 30 years of experience

We rely on more than 30 years of experience, and decades of combined knowledge in the industry. Historically, ECOROLL AG initially branched from Hegenscheidt Werkzeugtechnologie GmbH. The company has been operating under the name ECOROLL since 1996, but as stated, is rooted in history.



Innovations through partnerships

As a technology and innovation leader, we regularly participate in many research projects to further develop the technology of mechanical surface treatment. We work together with a wide variety of universities and research institutions worldwide, especially in Germany.



We take responsibility

As a company, ECOROLL AG recognizes its own responsibility towards our planet and future generations. We are reducing our own energy needs through efficiency measures and the expansion of our solar energy system. ECOROLL AG has been certified as a climate-neutral company since 2021.



In addition to our internal measures, our technology also contributes directly to CO2 reduction and resource efficiency for our customers. By strengthening the component, mechanical surface processing allows for lightweight solutions. The main part of a component's carbon footprint is the raw material used. If this amount is reduced by deep rolling, the carbon footprint of the component also decreases.


Employees are the key to our success

As an employer in Celle and the greater Hanover region, we are very proud of our long-term employee loyalty. In a niche market like ours, technological knowledge is of the utmost importance in order to be able to thrive in the market for a long time. The key to our success is our employees who have often been with the company for more than 20 years. This wealth of experience is reflected in our tools. Combined with the impulses of new employees, an ideal mixture of innovation and quality is created.



ECOROLL Corporation

Milford, Ohio, USA is HQ of ECOROLL Corporation, the subsidiary company founded in 2004. This suburb of  Cincinnati is geographically located in the epicenter of where many of ECOROLL's tools and machines could be deployed and serviced, to the advantage of our customers. To be locally present is crucial to provide American as well as German customers in USA the kind of service they require.

Industries in all wakes of innovation and fundamental necessity to keep America strong include fields such as Energy Systems, Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Industrial Components, and beyond. Specific examples include aircraft wheels/rims, engine components, wind energy/turbine shafts, hydraulic cylinders, to name a few.

ECOROLL Corporation makes fast deliveries possible and reinforces the service provided to American customers. In this way ECOROLL solutions can be developed specifically for individual customers, machines and work pieces.