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Time Savings/Amortization

With the following easy-to-use tool you can calculate the estimated primary machining time for roller burnishing. Enter the following parameters in the adjacent input fields:

  • Length and diameter of the surface to be machined (bore or outside Ø). For cones, please enter the mean Ø. For complex shapes, please get in touch with us!
  • Circumferential speed: 200 m/min.
  • Feed rates according to the following table:
Tool Machining Feed (mm/rev.)
Multiple-roller Coaxial 1 - 2
Single-roller Radial 0,2 - 0,6
Hydrostatic Radial 0,1 - 0,4
Hydrostatic Roller compress 0,08 - 0,2

These values are only to give you an idea of the efficiency of roller burnishing. Please submit your inquiry by email, fax or mail. We can then supply you with optimal machining parameters for your individual application and offer you suitable tooling.

You can calculate the amortization period for this investment in the second half of this page once you have determined the time saving by comparing your current manufacturing process with the primary machining time for roller burnishing. After entering the remaining data, you will receive your annual saving and amortization period.

In most cases, ECOROLL tools amortize themselves after a few months. Therefore, do not wait any longer and also convert your surface finishing to roller burnishing!

Main time calculation

 * LC - Local currency