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Accessories for HG Tools: HPU hydraulic power units

ECOforce pressure supply for HG Tools with HPU und HPU small devices

HPU (high-pressure-unit) hydraulic units provide a source of pressure for operating tools of the HG series. The respective unit is set up externally next to the machine and then connected to the turret via a pipe/hose system or directly to the tool at the tool spindle .


HPU.s (small)

Modular design for optimum adaptation to customer requirements, e.g. fine filtration, process monitoring


For CNC-controlled machine tools with a medium to high degree of automation and large batch sizes

For conventional applications on cycle-controlled or conventional machines with small batch sizes

Pressure stage I 400 bar for use with HFA (cooling lubricants)

Pressure stage II 600 bar for use with HLP (hydraulic oils 20-68cSt)

Pressure level I 400 bar when using HFA fluids (cooling lubricants)

Conveying volume of 1.4 - 4 l/min

Conveying volume of 1.4 l/min

Fine filtration for optimized tool life and particularly high surface requirements

Filtration for optimized tool life

Temperature control of the medium for optimal process results


Fully automatic operation, also for refilling the tank


Process monitoring and documentation


External pressure supply with HPU ECOforce