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HGx-5, HGx-7: Rotation-symmetric surfaces and complex contours


  • Use on CNC lathes with live tooling
  • Integral high-pressure pump; no feed line required 
  • Immediately ready for operation after locating in the revolver 
  • With VDI shanks in diameter range 20 - 80 mm for all popular drive systems 
  • Symmetric tool construction and double geared VDI shank enable use as right or left-handed tool


  • For roller burnishing and deep rolling plane and free-form surfaces on machining centers and milling machines 
  • Machining of complex-shaped work pieces which were not able to be machined with the roller burnishing tools previously available 
  • Integral high-pressure pump; no feed line required

3D-View HG6-5


Integral high-pressure pump

  • Standard for HGx-5 and HGx-7 
  • For use on CNC lathes with live tooling and tooling and tool connection to DIN 69880 (VDI shank) with diameters of 20 - 80 mm 
  • Low pressure emulsion feed via the revolver 
  • Actuation of high-pressure pump by tool drive 
  • Any direction of rotation 
  • max. speed 3000 rpm, min. speed 750 rpm
  • Adjustable pressure-relief valve 
  • Connection for manometer for adjusting rolling pressure available 
  • Machine side emulsion filter = 40 micron required