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R: Cylindrical bores, up to Ø 450 mm

Through bores; diameters 201 – 450 mm
Blind bores; diameters 201 – 450


  • Can be used up to tolerance class IT8
  • Processing of all metallic materials with a tensile strength of up to 1400 N/mm2 and a maximum hardness of HRC = 45
  • Attainable surface finish Rz < 1 micron (Ra = 0.2 micron)
  • Can be used on CNC turning, drilling or milling machines and machining centers or on conventional machine tools.
  • Machining direction thrust with clockwise rotation
  • For machining bores with large-size circular grooves or cross holes special shaped burnishing rollers are available to provide unproblematic withdrawal of the tool.


  • Short primary processing time.
  • Convenient adjustment of diameter in 1 micron stages.
  • Only nominal lubrication required (oil or emulsion).
  • Automatic release for tool withdrawal avoids damage to the burnished surface.
  • Simple replacement of wear parts (segment cage).

Basic construction

  • Type R tools consist of a tool body and roller head.
  • Tool body includes shank and diameter adjustment assembly.
  • Adjustment assembly accommodates any size within the setting range.
  • Specially designed rollers for bores with wide ring grooves or with cross holes. These rollers guarantee smooth tool operation and retraction (for checking feasibility please provide workpiece drawing).