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RKAK: Spherical surfaces


  • Exclusively applicable on CNC-lathes with turret for driven tools. Driven swivel head required (fixed or adjustable).
  • Processing of all metallic materials with a tensile strength of up to 1400 N/mm2 and a maximum hardness of HRC = 45.
  • Attainable surface finish Rz < 1 micron (Ra ≤ 0.1 micron).
  • During the roller burnishing process, the rollers are pressed against the spherical workpiece surface. This movement applies the required burnishing force (F), which is generated by the springs. The workpiece’s rotational speed determines the feed rate.


  • Complete processing in one setting.
  • Economic due to short work cycle.
  • Extraneous set-up and auxilliary processing time eliminated.
  • No dust or grinding residue.
  • Minimal lubrication required (oil or emulsion).
  • Low energy consumption.

Basic construction

  • Consists of compact tool body and roller head.
  • Tool body equipped with disc springs, individually configured by ECOROLL based on the machining task.
  • Main component of tool body: Adjustable tool shank. 
  • Configuration of roller head depending on workpiece dimensions.