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For Short Cylinders (L/Ø ≤ 15)


  • Complete machining on CNC-lathes or machining centers.
  • Skiving and burnishing in one setting before or after machining the cylinder ends. Internal machining on deep hole drilling machine not required.
  • GZC Tools: See burnishing tools type G, for this usage equipped with internal washing unit and a special tool holder compatible with boring bar. 
  • Accessories: MQL-pump with installation service.


  • Reliable, high-precision operation.
  • Achieves a diameter tolerance of IT8 or IT9.
  • Significantly reduced side-times.
  • Transportation of components to a deep hole drilling machine is no longer necessary.
  • Tool change on CNC-lathes and machining centers is much quicker than on deep hole drilling machines
  • High investment costs for a deep hole drilling machine can be eliminated, which enables small- and middle batch manufacturers to efficiently produce cylinder liners or complete cylinders.
  • Separate short tools.
  • SKIOC skiving head:
    • Achieves surface finish of Rz = 15 – 30 micron.
    • Change of cutting insert and central diameter adjustment without removal of knives.
    • Controlling of knives by MQL pressure (no separate controlling system required).
    • Connection to boring bar with control connection (ECOROLL W connection).
  • GZ burnishing tool:
    • Achieves surface finish of Rz < 1 micron.
    • Simple change of wear parts.

Basic construction

  • SKIOC skiving head:
    • Based on OMEGA system.
    • 3 knives with consecutively arranged cutting inserts.
    • Integrated in tool holder: Control piston equipped with MQL supply. After activating the MQL-supply knives are automatically adjusted to working position. After switch off they retract into the idle position without damaging the peeled surface.
    • MQL nozzles inject cooling lubricants on high speed into the peeling unit which supports chip removal in feed direction.
  • GZ burnishing tool:
    • See standard burnishing tool type G.
    • Here equipped with internal washing unit.
  • MQL supply:
    • For both tools through boring bar.