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GZ Roller Burnishing Tools


The ECOROLL internal roller burnishing tool type GZ is used together with the SK peeling head for finish machining cylinder liners.

  • Skiving and burnishing are separate processes.
  • For use on deep-hole boring machines with BTA boring systems.
  • After machining the roller head automatically collapses; the tool can be retracted quickly without damaging the work piece.
  • For short cylinders (L/Ø ≤ 15) complete machining with SKIOC and GZ tools on CNC-lathes and machining centers possible.
  • All plastically shapeable metals up to a hardness of 42 up to 45 HRC are capable being burnished. 


  • Diametrical tolerances of IT8 or IT9 and surface finish of Rz < 1 micron attainable.
  • Push or drag machining possible.
  • Short primary machining time.
  • Convenient adjustment of diameter.
  • Reliable method; great precision.
  • Simple replacement of wear parts.

Basic construction

  • Burnishing head.
  • Adjustment unit.
  • Tool holder.