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Segment Cage for Skive/Burnishing Tools RDO and RIO and Burnishing Tools Type R


  • Diameter range: 205 to 805 mm.
  • Dimensioning: For 3 diameter ranges (205 to 405 mm; 405 to 605 mm; 605 to 805 mm) a variable number of standardized cage segments is used.  Only one segment type is necessary for the whole diameter range. This circumferential distance between the segments may vary depending on tool diameter.
  • Can also be applied for Type R tools.


  • Replacement of worn rollers or cage segments without removing the tool from the machine and without other disassembling.
  • Opening of a “window” for quick inspection of the cone surface. 
  • Easy assembling also in horizontal position.
  • Only segments are replaced when the roller pockets are worn out. 
  • Segments are standard components (only one type for all tool diameters) 
  • Roller diameters enlarged to 20 mm. Increased service  life of the rollers. 
  • Significant shortage of machine downtime.
  • Short delivery of spare segments.
  • Compatible with existing tools.

Basic construction

  • The cage consists of a number of segments which are screwed on that segment carrier.
  • One single or all segments can be disassembled. It is neither necessary to remove the tool from the machine nor to disassemble other parts for this operation.