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EG5T: Surfaces of rotational symmetry with straight edges


  • Economic roller burnishing of all surfaces of rotational symmetry with straight edges.
  • The modular design makes is universally usable also on CNC- and conventional turning lathes.
  • Achievable surface quality: Rz < 1 micron (Ra ≤ 1 micron).
  • Machining of all metallic materials with tensile strength up to 1400 N/mm2 and a maximum hardness of HRC ≤ 45.
  • Parameter recommendation:
    • Max rotary speed: up to 150 m/min 
    • Max feed: 0.3 mm/rev
    • Max rolling force: 2100 N

3D-View EG5T



  • Versatile, compact, cost-efficient.
  • Short primary processing time.
  • Machining in one setting, elimination of set-up times and downtimes.

Basic Construction