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FAK: Deep rolling of fillets


  • Deep rolls fillets with the plunge-in process.
  • Deep rolls contours or large fillets with the in-feed process.
  • Roller unit includes axial/radial bearings for the in-feed process.
  • Rolling force monitored by a dial gauge or sensor.


  • For use with CNC-controlled or conventional lathes.
  • Complete processing in one setting.
  • Symmetrical construction allows either right- or left-hand operation.
  • Rotates in either direction.

Basic construction

  • Type FAK deep rolling tools consist of a tool body equipped with a shank, a spring assembly that allows the roller head to move with no play and very low friction. 
  • The standard version contains a dial indicator for indirect indication of the spring force. As an option, the tools can be equipped with ECOsense process monitoring for external display of the spring force.
  • The roller head is attached to the flexible, spring-loaded section of the tool body. 
  • The flexible roller holder moves in response to the radial or axial rolling forces on either side of the tool. The roller holder contains a finely machined, hardened roller with two tapered roller bearings.