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UMK: Roller burnishing convex surfaces of rotational symmetric workpieces with very small diameters


  • Suitable for all metal materials up to a tensile strength of 1400 N/mm2 and a maximum hardness of HRC ≤ 45
  • Can achieve a surface quality of Rz < 1 μm (Ra ≤ 0.1 μm)
  • Application ideal for sliding headstock lathes but also on CNC controlled turning, drilling or milling machines, machining centers or conventional machine tools
  • Surface is burnished (smooth) after few revolutions
  • Workpiece and/or tool can rotate


  • Effective, compact, inexpensive
  • Small design, short protruding length, various tool shanks
  • Designed for machines with limited workspace
  • Alternative to polishing / grinding
  • Wear parts are easy to exchange

Basic construction