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EG45: Concave fillets and contours


All tools

  • For use on CNC or conventional lathes with hydraulic contouring equipment
  • Machining in a chuck
  • Attainable surface finish Rz < 1 micron (Ra = 0.2 micron)


  • Machining cylinders with subsequent radius to the plane surface
  • Suitable for low and medium strength materials
  • Extremely narrow roller


  • Machining of cylinders or plane surfaces with subsequent transitional radii of up to 75°
  • High roller pressure, suitable for high-strength materials
  • Equipped with cantilever roller arrangement


  • Tool with cantilever-mounted shaped roller of special design for machining convex and concave shapes by plunge or motion technique
  • Equipped with cantilever roller arrangement

3D-View EG45-40M


3D-View EG45-55TS



  • Elimination of microscopic grooves and simultaneous introduction of residual compressive stress
  • Short primary processing time
  • Elimination of set-up times and downtimes
  • No occurrence of dust and slurry
  • Only nominal lubrication required (oil or emulsion)
  • Roller head guidance without play and low-friction
  • Stepless adjustment of roller pressure
  • Consistent and controlled machining results through measurement of roller pressure
  • Simple replacement of wear parts

Basic construction

  • Type EG45 single roller burnishing tools consist of a tool body equipped with a tool shank, a spring assembly that allows the roller head to move with no play and very low friction. 
  • The standard version contains a dial indicator for indirect indication of the spring force. As an option, the tools can be equipped with ECOsense process monitoring for external display of the spring force.
  • The roller head is attached to the flexible, spring-loaded section of the tool body. 
  • EG45-55TS and -45F are equipped with floating rollers.
  • EG45-40M comes with a smaller roller. Because of its structure, EG45-40M has a lower load capacity.